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Personal Endorsements

Be transformed. Here are a few individual's life-changing responses:

This message is life-changing. I'll never look at a challenge or a hurdle in my life with timidity again.
James - Denver , CO

This was like a long-lost roadmap for me. It showed me where to find God's strength in my life. After more than 20 years as a believer, I now know what it means to discover Christ's strength in my own weakness.
Sarah - Seattle , WA

If I'd heard this message years ago, my walk with the Lord would have been so much more powerful - especially when facing trials and hardship. This is truly revolutionary.
Bethany - Chicago , IL

I now know what David must have felt like when he was facing Goliath. I really can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I never really understood that before. Now it's not my life-verse.
Roger - Jackson , MS

I was losing faith (in myself and even in God) and this message gave me a whole new perspective. I'm discovering what it means to truly surrender - and find strength in the process. I'm learning to live boldly in Christ. Amazing!
Joni - Kansas City , KS

I'm more connected to other people now than I ever have been before - I'm finding new strength in the paradox of owning my weakness and sharing it with those who have my back. And I'm doing the same for them. I've never known this kind of community before.
Kimberly - Nashville , TN


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